Rare 1903 Vintage Set of Four OVB Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett & Co "Queen Anne" Silverplate Grande Dinner Knives 9 1/2"


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Here is a lovely Set of Four OVB Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlet & Co Silverplate Grande Dinner Knives in the Queen Anne pattern that was introduced in 1903 with a lovely scroll design. They have been light polished only, and any remaining tarnish should be able to be polished nicely.

Each knife measures approximately 9 1/2″ long. These pieces are marked OVB our Very Best which was a trademark of HIbbard, Spencer and Bartlet.

These knives are in good vintage condition with no dents or dings, some minor surface scratching from storage and use (see photos).


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Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett, Queen Anne



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